Basic Facts About Feudalism

  • The Samurai were a class of Japanese warriors in the service of Shogun, their leader.
  • During the Sengoku, the Japanese Samurais thrived.
  • The Sengoku was a time period.
  • In times of war the 'Mon' or 'Paulownia' was used to determine sides of the warring-classes, then it became known as the rising-sun.
  • During the Mongolian invasion attempt of 1274 A.D. crash bombs from China were used by the samurai-warriors to expel the invaders.
  • With heavy armor Japanese samurai-warriors swam across the moat with their horses into battle.
  • They used cork-belts to keep them from drowning.

Chivary are rules that dictate Samurai behavior
  • Samurai where expected to be courageous, fair, loyal, honest, gallant, and fair to woman