Historical Importance

The military role of the shoguns is made possible by a new warrior class known as the samurai. The samurai's importance and influence grew during the shinot Period.Samurai were able to use many weapons. Samurai believed that his swords hold his soul so they became the most important thing he had. It has to be noted that the term "Samurai" is a gender-specific term, referring to males specifically. According to the Edo Period's official hierarchy of social castes, the samurai were the most important, followed by the farmers, artisans, and merchants.

During the chaotic Era of Warring States, Japan consisted of dozens of independent states which were constantly fighting each other. This is why the country needed lots of samurai. A samurai carried two swords. In peace-time, he carried a Katana and a short sword, Wakizashi. There was a law that the samurai were the only people who were allowed to arm themselves with a sword. 1868, Japan's feudal era came to an end, and the samurai class was abolished.